3D Viewer Basics


(Orbit Control is Default)

  • Rotate: Hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and DRAG (Orbit Control)
  • Pan: Hold RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and DRAG (Orbit Control)
  • Zoom IN and Focus Tighter: DOUBLE CLICK with LEFT MOUSE (on a point) (Orbit Control)
  • Zoom IN: Mousewheel Forward (Orbit Control)
  • Zoom OUT: Mousewheel Backward (Orbit Control)
  • Change Navigation Type SIDEBAR MENU TOOLS TAB - in the Navigation area you can switch between ORBIT, FLY , and EARTH controls
  • Preset ZOOM ViewsSIDEBAR MENU TOOLS TAB - Full Extent, Top View, Front View, Left View


Open the SIDEBAR menu and open the TOOLS tab. Select the TOOL you want to use.

  • LEFT CLICK on a point to mark a location
  • RIGHT CLICK to end the measure tool

Measuring Basics of the 3d Viewer

Customizing the Display

Open the SIDEBAR menu and open the SCENE tab. Click on a listed SCENE. The display and rendering settings for this will be visible. Make changes to visualize. You cannot save these settings from the 3D Viewer but some of the settings can be published as part of the 3D Document. Document settings are available in 3D Publisher tool under the Document Tab.

Camera and Target

Open the SIDEBAR menu and open the SCENE tab. You will see something like this

Camera Position:
66.41, 2.58, 343.57
Camera Target:
66.07, -0.34, 342.00

You can copy this text from the SIDEBAR menu and paste into the 3D Publisher Tool to parse for setting default camera and target positions for documents or annotations.


See Trouble Shooting Topic